Ice Baby Ice
Are We Well, Well We Are
Skin The Cloak, Cloak The Skin
Can You Run Run? Run Run You Can
Sweat To Clean, Clean To Sweat
Heal Heel Heal

In the blaze of sweltering bar heaters, HEALR grapples with the urge to purify, and the self-healing practices that can drive us to wellness or destruction. A romp of duality, violent self-improvement and intimate female relationships.

Basement Theatre, Auckland, 2016.
Tempo Dance Festival, Q Theatre, Auckland, 2018.

Choreography & Performance – Jessie McCall & Rose Philpott (SOFT.co)

Costume & Set Design – Jessie McCall & Rose Philpott

Lighting Design – Paul Bennet

A sculpted and thought-provoking commentary that interrogates the many facets of wellness – and the complexities that sit beneath the surface… Exquisitely symmetrical, Philpott and McCall are captivating performers and their choreography is powerful, taut and absorbing.