Imagine being a fig wasp – born pregnant.

Imagine the sex of mould.

Imagine intimacies outside of the gaze of the nation state.

Imagine mothering as a botanical project that broke its banks.


The Bloom  leans into the generative glitches of queer propagation and motherhood.


Made in collaboration with creative production studio RDYSTDY, and performers Sofia McIntyre, Raven Afoa-Purcell & Sasha Matsumoto.

Auckland Pride Festival 2024.
LOT23 Studios, Tāmaki Makaurau.


Images – Jinki Cambronero

“Digital projection grows and distorts alongside McCall’s sharp, breathtaking choreography.
The Bloom asks us to witness creation, procreation, production, and birth as enmeshed processes.”

–  Tate Fountain, Bad Apple, Full Review

“It is profound to witness a performance that calls you to witness, and see what is disenfranchised and devalued by our systems of power. To perform a queer experience, queer intimacy, and a queer imagining of mothering, and to do it with such nuance and grace, is impactful. “

–  Teianna Chenkovich, Theatreview Full Review

The Bloom is a mirage of stunning vignettes…There’s so much I’m still thinking about—the dissonance of my sympathetic distress and my curatorial delight at the soundtracking (a kind of “Oh god, don’t do it,” to “Hell yeah, they’re doing this!”); Afoa-Purcell tracing the lines of Matsumoto’s moving body against the curved wall, growing almost too fast to follow; McIntyre climbing atop the multipurpose printer, scanned anatomy creeping correspondingly in projection across the space; induction and initiation to sexuality, to motherhood, to propagation”

–  Tate Fountain, Bad Apple, Full Review