Full Length Work – 60min

Imagine being a fig wasp – born pregnant.

Imagine the sex of mould.

Imagine intimacies outside of the gaze of the nation state.

Imagine mothering as a botanical project that broke its banks.

A new dance work by Jessie McCall,  leaning into the generative glitches of queer propagation and motherhood. 

Made in collaboration with creative production studio RDYSTDY, and performers Sofia McIntyre, Raven Afoa-Purcell & Sasha Matsumoto.



To premiere as part of the PRIDE ELEVATES programme at Auckland Pride Festival.

Choreography – Jessie McCall

Moving Image Collaborators – RDYSTDY studio
Performance – Raven Afoa-Purcell, Sofia McIntyre, Sasha Matsumoto
Producer – Madison Cronin
Images – Jinki Cambronero & RDYSTDY
Supported by Auckland Pride Festival, Creative New Zealand & Burnett Foundation Aotearoa.